Software for S60 3rd edition



Snapper is a tiny application that periodically takes images using phone camera. The idea is that series of images can composed as a movie. For example you can takes shots when a flower starts to blossom and you will have a nice movie that quickly shows how it happens.

Using snapper is very easy: The image shot period (between once in second and once in day) can be adjusted as well as lightning treshold. With lightning treshold you can avoid taking pictures in too dark conditions, value can between 0 when image is always taken to 255 when image is never taken even very light conditions.

The images are stored as separated jpg images in memory card "snapper" folder. The JPGVideo is a handy tool to compose single images to an AVI file.

snapper.sisx (12/11/07)


Life is implementation of Conway's Game of Life for S60. It supports .lif / .life (version 1.05) formats and has a built in editor mode. A good source for Conway's game of Life information is the Paul's Page of Conway's Life Miscellany.

A nice collection of life patterns can be downloaded from Alan Hensel's pattern collection. Life views information about current evolving speed, so it can be used for performance benchmarking.

life.sisx (15/05/08)

Tiny Quiz

Tiny Quiz is an quiz engine - and there there is currently one set of questions available: Driving license questions of Public Rebublic of China in english. So if you are acquiring Chinese driving license this application is essential to help to you pass the test. It has all about 750 questions with pictures

I have nothing to do with the questions, their errors, errors in them, correctness - how they are presented. I will take no any kind of responsibility of the questions, or my software. ok? ... so it is not my fault if you dont pass the PRC driving license, even I get 97/100 using my application one night and my beta-tester obtained 100/100!, I just try to help!


You may also be interested if you want somehow different questions than usual quizes have.

The Tiny Quiz engine uses a very easy plain text format for questions so it is very easy to do those by yourself.

1.2 Easy Question
Answer: B
How many elephants fit in the beetle?
A: None.
B: It is up to beetle.
C: Two front and three to backseat.
Both multiple options and True/False questions are supported. Furthermore: if an image called 1_2.png is found from repository, that is viewed along question. Pretty easy format, what?

The TinyQuiz is not free, it requires a registration code. Donate 10€ and send me a magic string it dispalys, then I will send you code, as well as more precise information about the do you own questions. BTW current version is ugly. I will improve it later. But it works (tested in N82 and N95). Note: You may have to install C2Doom, full version, to get TinyQuiz working since C2Doom includes one required library.

TinyQuiz(0.2).sisx (07/01/09)

Video made using S60 Snapper - New Year 2008