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  • You have to have a compatible S60 or S80 phone. Tested phones are Nokia models NGage, NGage QD, 6620, 9500, 9300, 7610, 6681, 6680, 6630, 6600 and 6260. However all S80 phones and S60 phones that have at least 16MB RAM, S60 1.2 or S60 2.x should work.

    9210x, 7650 and 3650 are not supported.

  • Download either a S60 or S80 C2Doom installation packet, from Downloads and install it into your phone. You can copy installation packet into your phone and select file from there, or use PC suite application for installing. For further information, please refer your phone manual. After you have installed the Doom, a Doom application icon appears in the phone. The exact location depends on your phone model and decisions you might be done during installation process, but usually you can find it from application shell in S60 phone or from S80 Desk.

  • You have to have a WAD file. There are several WAD files, however the C2Doom engine is tested only with some official ones.

    Tested Doom WAD files
    WAD name Filename Info
    Doom shareware Doom1.wad Shareware, may find from Id Software site. Contains only a first episode.
    Doom doom.wad Full version of the first Doom , commercial
    Doom II doom2.wad Commercial
    Evilution tnt.wad Commercial
    The Plutonia experiment plutonia.wad Commercial

    You can find commercial WAD files from the CDROM drive if you own a purchased Doom game for PC. Id Software is still selling Doom, you can buy one, the WAD file that is delivered within game can be used also with S60 and S80 C2Doom.

  • Copy the WAD file into phone or memory card by using memory card reader, PC suite, IR file transfer, bluetooth or any other method you prefer. It can be stored anywhere in the phone; it can be in any file folder or in messaging folder, in Memory card or in internal memory. When you open C2Doom application, it browses trough your phone memory and locates WAD files. Once one is found a confirmation is asked if that WAD file is intented to be used. It is possible to have several WAD files in the phone and by let UI seek another WAD file user can select which one is used.The another WAD file can selected afterwards by choosing "Advanced" | "Reset WAD file" from Options menu. That, among other things are detailed in the Options. Now you can start running C2Doom by choosing "Single Player". For multiplayer issues, please see Multiplaying.


Options menu
Next ThemeLoad a new background image for the UI application
Parameters...Open a C2Doom parameters dialog. The parameters are passed to C2Doom engine as such, and the syntax is same as in PC Doom command-line. Please refer your PC Doom documentation about the available commands and their syntax. All PC Doom commands are not necessarily implemented.
Info...View a short information text about S60 or S80 Doom
Send...View list of savegame entries for currently used WAD file (i.e. selected WAD file, see "Reset WAD file"). Selected savegame can be send to another phone as a message and loaded in another phone. The savegames can be loaded only if current game uses same WAD file. If user has multiple WAD files, then current WAD file might be changed before certain savegames can be sent or loaded.
Advanced | Versions...Open a versions dialog. The C2Doom consists of several files, this view just let you ensure what modules you are using if something seems to be not ok. A search of components may take a while
Advanced | Reset WAD fileRepeat a WAD file search. If there are several WAD files stored in the phone, each WAD file is searched one by one and the search is proceed until a WAD file accepted or search is cancelled. A search may take a while.
Advanced | Set Data pathLet user define where savegames are stored. Let user to change a root folder where each WAD file has its own savegame folder. Since savegame files may have conflicting names, they are stored in automatically generated unique named folders.
Advanced | Set Key mappingsLet user redefine key actions. A KeyMap Util dialog is opened. "New" creates a new mapping. Mapping is created pressing first a target key and then a source which functionality is copied. Displayed values are key scancodes.


The C2Doom supports multiplayer game with up to four players. The gaming modes are, as in original Doom, Co-operative and Deathmatch. In Co-operative mode players play together against monsters and in Deathmatch players are against each others and monsters. Each player must select a same game mode. After selection it is asked if player acts as a server or client: a first player selects to start a server, and then others connects as clients.

It is important that all players have selected same WAD file and same multiplayer mode.

After server player decides that all players are joined in the game, selecting "Start" will engage the game. Clients may leave the game, but if server exits the game ends. Multiplayer game works over bluetooth wireless radio and therefore players cannot be more further that ten meters from each others, otherwise connection closes. If there are many other bluetooth connections nearby, that may affect errors to bluetooth transmission and connection can even cut off by accident.

Savegames do not work in multiplayer game.

Game Playing

C2Doom keys
S60 KeyS80 KeyFunction
'1''1'Previous weapon
'2''2'Next weapon
'3''3'Gamma correction
'4'',' or 'chr' + left arrowStrafe left
'6''.' or 'chr' + right arrowStrafe right
'7''space'Use, e.g. open door and flick the switch
'#''tab'Open map
'9''f'Toggle follow mode in map
'c'N/APress rapidly four times (within a second) to activate a cheat dialog. Enter cheat code and press 'Ok' to activate given cheat.

C2Doom supports many PC Doom Command line paramters and introduces some of its own:

Tested C2Doom Parameters
-retailN/ASet C2Doom to be Ultimate Doom WAD compatible
-registeredN/ASet loaded WAD to be Doom 1 WAD compatible
-commercialN/ASet loaded WAD to be Doom II, TNT and Plutonia WADs compatible
-sharewareN/ASet loaded WAD to be shareware Doom compatible
-warpepisode mapStarts C2Doom from given map and episode, if there are no other episodes, enter only map number.