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"Doom1 is a 1993 computer game developed by id Software, and one of the most seminal titles in the first-person shooter genre. Combining immersive 3D graphics with graphic violence, it became both controversial and immensely popular; the shareware version is estimated to have been played by 15 million people." - Wikipedia

A few years after id Software published Doom for PC, it's source code was published and soon Doom appeared to many other platforms and hardwares. This site is for C2Doom, a Doom port for Nokia S60 and S80 phones.

The C2Doom brings original Doom gaming experience to smart phones. It implements original episodes, graphics and music and besides of legendary single player experience, The C2Doom also includes traditional co-operative and deathmatch multiplayer gaming modes.

The C2Doom is based on SDL Doom by Sam Lantiga and a version developed from Doom for Nokia 9210, also called CDoom. SDL, Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform multimedia library that is also ported to S60 and S80 platforms.

Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) is a library that creates an abstraction over various platforms' graphics, sound, and input APIs, allowing a developer to write a computer game or other multimedia application once and run it on GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X, BeOS and a few other unofficially ported platforms. It manages video, events, numeric audio, CD-ROM sound, threads, and timers. - Wikipedia

The C2Doom for Nokia S60 and Nokia S80 phones offers same game playing elements that the original PC Doom. There are same episodes, maps, graphics and music than in PC version. As orginal version of Doom, also this version has has a multiplayer game - however this time implemented to be played over bluetooth. The Doom games has two separate elements: a game engine and a game data. The C2Doom is the engine and you need game data prior to play Doom.

The Doom game data, episodes, maps, graphics, music, SFXs and such are stored in the the WAD files, which are still property of Id Software. This Doom engine supports many different WAD files, very same files that you have with your PC version of Doom. The most accessible WAD is a shareware Doom 1 episode 1, that you may found from Id Software site. Please see more from instructions.