C2Doom for S60 3rd, 5th edition and Symbian


C2Doom for Symbian has now only one, yet beta, version. It is full version with lot of fixes and it has a new virtual keyboard for controlling. Hint: When game asks quit y/n, press '!' key. The version is still beta and graphics are crafted using Office Powerpoint. If someone could get a better, please see skins.

C2Doom is built on top of SDL library. It is a powerful solution for Symbian game and multimedia application development. See more from S60 SDL.

For older phones there are two versions of C2Doom for S60 3rd edition and Symbian: core and full. And even from full version there are two variants, complete version includes a WAD file. The core version is "game only", includes a WAD file as well (doom1.wad, i.e. th shareware episode)! The full version has a S60 UI, that let you to select WAD files, single player or co-operative and deathmatch multiplayer modes (over bluetooth) and provide extra doom parameters. The user interface let also reconfigure all gaming keys using an intuitive keymapper application, rotate screen while playing and open a cheat editor. The full version UI is also skinnable. The version numbering has changed. The earlier sisx packet 1.15 equals to re-packed 3.02. The sisx was repacked as used certificates get expired. Confusing? Yes!




C2Doom is a game engine: You need WAD files to play it. There is a full C2Doom version that bundles a shareware version of Doom. The WAD is also available at Id Software FTP site: Doom1.wad. The C2Doom is also tested with some other WADs, please refer old instructions page. There are also a huge amount of unofficial WADs available in C2Doomers forum as well as information how to create WADs by yourself.

C2Doom full version

Even C2Doom full version is now free, I would be grateful if you would donate, a big thanks to all who has been donated this far!

I would prefer PayPal, but unfortunately thats not awailable worldwide. Moneybookers is an alternative method.

C2Doom full version with shareware episode for S60 devices, File:c2doom_complete(3.02).sisx (24/09/10)

C2Doom full version with shareware episode for Symbian (Symbian^3) as well as S60 5th ed and 3rd fp1, fp2 releases devices - (BETA), File:c2doom_complete(4.1).sisx (19/02/11)

C2Doom core version for 3.0

C2Doom core version is free, its only a single player game without any goodies. Shareware episode included.

C2Doom core version, File:c2doom_core(3.02).sisx (24/09/10)

Perl script to help with registration code (usage: "perl regcode.pl your_reg_number") :regcode.pl (01/07/12)



C2Doom is built on the S60 SDL adaptation of the SDL library.


Doom source code.

C2Doom source, File:c2doom_src(002).zip (20/08/06)

Other stuff


The skin syntax is documented in DUIML Quick Guide (29/10/08)

Skin description is written in XML based DUIML language. DUIML file and used graphics must compiled for C2Doom using DUIML compiler (11/03/07)

These skins has not been updated to have a touch screen support.
skin: classic.dir (30/08/06)

skin: balls.dir (30/08/06)


  • Q: How this touch screen version can be quit?

    A: Touch the screen if you dont have virtual keyboard there, it shall appear. Press "Esc", and Doom menu appears, Press "Down" until skull is by "Quit Game" menu item, press "Space", and for the last question you dont have 'y' available, but please press '!' from virtual keyboard, wait few seconds and Doom exit!

  • Q: This page is for 3.0, is there support for previous Nokia models and S60 versions?

    A: Yep, previous C2Doom pages are still alive.

  • Q: Why money is asked for C2Doom full version?

    A: I have to request a compensation to justify these four years spent developing C2Doom to my family. All time implementing it has been off from them. There was only few people who kindly supported me within previous release.

  • Q: What known bugs there are?


    • UI wider than 640 pixels is not supported. :-)
    • Problems with GCCE compiler
  • Q: How to do own skins?

    A: There is a simple, but flexible ASCII based format, defined here.

  • Q: How to do WAD spesific skins?

    A: Add a text file "addwad.txt" in memory card root. In the first line add name of the WAD and second line name of the used DUI or DIR file. E.g.

  • Q: Is SDL compatible with official release?

    A: Yes, it it should be.

  • Q: What to do if I have problems with multiplayer game

    A: Reboot and ensure that all the participants has very same WAD versions - even two same named WADs may differ, i.e. two doom2.wad files can have different versions of the game.

  • Q: Why there is black lines on top and bottof of screen, why C2Doom does not utilize whole height of screen

    A: Doom WAD data is designed for 240 pixels height so it cannot be rendered to higher resolutions without zooming. Zooming however eats CPU and then view cannot be so wide.

  • Q: Where to copy a WAD in core version?

    A: By default in your memory card "\wads\doom1.wad"

  • Q: How to play other than doom1.wad?

    A: Easy way: Use full version and use menu command, hard way with core version: Copy a file c2doomexe_info.txt in MMC root, the file should have a [wad] section which is followed by a needed WAD file. That file should also contains a [keymap] section which then defines keymappings for phone. E.g.

  • Q: If I do registration, can I update C2Doom?

    A: Yes as long as your install in the same phone the registration code is valid.

  • Q: What if I change a phone?

    A: C2Doom code is per phone, you should purchase a new code.

  • Q: What if C2Doom mess, corrupts, breaks by phone or its data?

    A: It should not do anything harmful, but there can be bugs. There is not anykind of guarantee. I do not provide any responsibility of any problems with C2Doom, SDL or WADs. WAD graphics may contain data that may insult you. Download and play C2Doom only if you know what you are doing. If you has any problems and cannot accept that, please do not play Doom or C2Doom:-)

  • Q: Where I can found other info about C2Doom?

    A: There used to be some good discussions in my-Symbian.com forums, e.g. here. Try also a new C2Doomers forum. I'm not moderator or have not other relations to that forum, but its content looks promising!

  • Q: I have an E-series phone and C2Doom will not get installed! - what I can do?

    A: S60 E-series phones does not allow to install a self-signed software by default. Please go to "Applications" (name of the application may vary) and change settings to let all applications to be installed. Then it should work. There are some warnings during installation of C2Doom, those reason is just a bug in my installation packet and are totally harmless and all warnings can be ignored.

  • Q: Is touch screen supported, e.g. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic?

    A: Yes! Basically touch moves, including running and strafe. Quick tap shoots. Then there are moveable virtual keys that provides rest of the essential keys: Weapon selection, action, enter, map and menu.