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Because it was there? I have now done this several years and Im full of this. I have months wondered if I wish to publish it at all. But kepping this only in your own use sounds pretty selfish so after all I desided to share it. I hope you appreciate my efforts and deside to donate me.

How to run in S60 version?

The keys are explained in Options|Info. The "pen" key works as a shift. If you press forward and it simultaneously, you will run forward.

Why S80 version seems to be so unstabile?

In all cases, so far, there has been PowerDesk application running. It seems to be incompatible with C2Doom. After uninstalling PowerDesk, C2Doom works fine.

What is limited S90 support?

C2Doom can be installed in Nokia 7710 despite of warnings. However a Bluetooth keyboard is needed for playing - C2Doom does not have touch screen support, without keyboard you cannot control the game. Both multiplayer game and keybord uses bluetooth connection and therefore those may not work simultaneously. There are also some visual errors remaining when playing C2Doom in Nokia 7710.

Why it does not work?

In most cases the problem source has been a corrupted or otherwise invalid WAD file. If your C2Doom does not work, please try it with a WAD file included in Doom95, available at ID software FTP site.

What is crash with error -18?

Honestly saying - I don't know. But since there is a workaround I haven't done any investigations about root of this problem. You can avoid this panic simply by inserting MMC card.This has been appeared only when phone has been used without MMC card.

Why my settings are not stored?

It's a bug. It appears if data path points to MMC card, please set "C-drive" for data path. Settings and savegames requires only tiny amount of storage.

Why WAD file is not found if it is in root folder?

I havent look this further, but there is rumour that WAD files wont work well if those are stored in top level of drive.

Why C2Doom does not work in my phone?

It looks like there are several 3rd party applications that does not work well with C2Doom, those application usually are memory resident utilities. Probably they consume too much memory or takes CPU time. At least SmartProfiles, KeyLocker ans some operator spesific applications (Sonera) has to reported as a source of some problems.

Why N90 version is not fullscreen?

Doom data is designed for 240 pixels high screen. If "window" is higher, it looks messy - therefore N90 window is restricted to be 352x240 pixels.

Hexen and Heretic, are they supported?

No, C2Doom engine doesn't support those WADs.

Why screen does not rotate?

I tested it - looks good but is actually unplayable since buttons are in the other end.

What is -4 and other memory errors?

You doesnt have enough free RAM memory. You cannot buy more of that, so you have to careful with that. Do not install memory resident application and use simple UI themes as well as simple backround images. Try to reboot if you suffer those kind of problems.

What's next?

I'm working on with S60 3.0 version that uses standard SDL (version 1.2.9). More news coming.