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C2Doom for S60
(c2doom_s60(1.02).sis) Symbian installation file for S60 phones. Please see instructions

C2Doom for S80
(c2doom_s80(1.03).sis) Symbian installation file for S80 phones. Please see instructions

C2Doom for S60 3.0

C2Doom 3.0 for S60 3rd edition


C2Doom source
( S60 and S80 utilizes many Open Source implementations that are released under General Public Licence and therefore those modules are Open Source as well. The source release may not compile as such as I have my own compling enviroment and I have used some special tools and libraries. However with little effort you may have a lot of fun with the code.

More C2Doom source
( missing headers and additional lib files.

File utils
( includes some text file utilities that I have used with Doom. It includes all-purpose text file reader, ini file reader and my very own regular-expression parser. These classes are written just for fun and there is no anykind of guaratee.

Doom Player

DPlay S60
(dplay_s60.sis)Doom music player.

DPlay S80
(dplay_s80.sis)Doom music player.